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Victorian houses in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco California

Helping everyday people make
smart home sale decisions

Selling your home doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating. At Home Acquisitions, we’ll walk with you through the home sale process and help you find the best deal to maximize your profits. We do all of this as direct home buyers ourselves, so you can sell your home to us knowing you will make the most and keep the most from your home sale.
home selling in san francisco bay area ca
negotiations on a single family real estate transaction with paperwork shown

Overwhelmed by the process of selling
your home?

As direct home buyers, we aren’t required to jump through the usual hoops as a real estate agent. Our process is simple and we will handle everything so you don’t have to stress or put your life on hold.
houses in Nob Hill San Francisco Ca

Pressed for time and money?

We buy houses “as is” and can close with cash or creative financing, giving you many more options and making it easy and fast to confidently sell your house for a fair price

Unsure of where to begin on your home
sale journey?

We understand - and we’ll take it from here. No matter your situation, our priority is helping you find the best solution and seeing it through with you to the end.
what real estate agents do not want you to know graphic

What real estate agents don’t
want you to know:

The higher the sale price on your home - the higher their commission
- and the more you pay in fees, closing costs and taxes.
Home Acquisitions is a ZERO-commission business. We approach the purchase of your home with YOUR financial well-being in mind every step of the way. So, if you‘ve ever wondered “how to sell my house without a realtor” or “how to sell my house myself” keep reading.
person with multiple real estate offers presented to them
Overhead shot of the San Francisco Bay Area CA

No two situations or homes are alike, so the solution shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.

At Home Acquisitions, we think differently and use creative solutions to solve problems that accelerate you towards your goals. We provide unique assessments on a case-by-case basis that guarantees you get the best deal for YOUR home, family and lifestyle.


When you sell your home to us, you can always count on simplicity and transparency, making the process of getting the best deal for your home straightforward and hassle-free.

home buying process in san francisco ca
Home in the Mission District in San Francisco CA

Welcome to Home Buying Made Simple

With Home Acquisitions, There’s a Better Way.

For YEARS, people have been made to believe that selling your home is a long, complicated, expensive process - and, therefore, relying on a real estate agent is your only option.
 The problem is, real estate agents in San Francisco see your home as a commission check…You only get one kind of offer - and that offer is best suited to help the realtor first and you second.
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Look, it happens. Across the world, homeowners can quickly find themselves entangled in all kinds of stressful situations when it comes to their property. The best thing you can do to handle these situations is to contact us right away so we can help you understand your options.


Real estate listing in San Francisco CA


Selling real estate is not about listing and selling for top dollar because that doesn't mean you are structuring the sale to make top dollar. Selling real estate is about making the most and KEEPING the most. Want to discover ALL of your options in order to reach your financial goals?


Benefits of Selling Your Home Direct

Closed negotiations on a real estate transaction


We can pay cash or creative financing to close quickly - in some cases as little as 7 days.

home selling in San Francisco Bay Area CA


We don’t charge commission or a cent to close.

money crossed out symbol representing no fees to sell your home to Home Acquisitions


Everything is simple and upfront - no tricks or gimmicks.

Home acquisitions buys homes as is


Sell your home “as-is” in any condition.

done for you home selling in San Francisco Bay Area CA


We handle 100% of the paperwork, title, closing and more.

real estate selling in the Bay Area San Francisco CA

Ready to get started on your
home sale journey?





Speak with a licensed investor over the phone to review your goals, your current situation and all of the possible solutions.


Find a time for a licensed investor to come see your home in person—one-time and as-is!


Receive offers from our team to buy your home for cash or financing and make the best choice for YOU.

single family real estate in San Francisco Bay Area

Our Story

Here at Home Acquisitions, we are a direct home buyer—NOT brokers and NOT agents. We are a small team of investors who buy, sell and lease real estate all over the country.


Being in real estate for many years—through up cycles
and down—we’ve helped countless people out of bad situations. And, over time, we have amassed a large
network through the banking and real estate community
that we lean on when creating strategic, lucrative
deals that best fit your situation.


We are obsessed with real estate and our passion bleeds through every deal and client we encounter. Book a call
with us to talk more about your home and financial goals.

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