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Have Questions?

We have you covered. Take a look below at some of the common questions we receive from clients and potential clients.


If you have a question that’s not listed go ahead and reach out to us below, we’ll be happy to answer any question or concern you may have

  • Who Is Home Acquisitions?
    We are a small team of investors who buy, sell, and lease real estate all over the country. We’ve done real estate transactions all over the U.S and helped countless people out of bad situations. We are obsessed with real estate and our passion bleeds through every deal and client we encounter.
  • Are you a licensed agent:
    No; and that’s a good thing! We are investors who are not going to take a 6% commission from you. Nor are we going to ask you to fix up your house to sell for “top dollar” just to have you pay up the nose in taxes, fess and closing costs. We approach the purchase of your home with your financial well being in mind including AFTER the sale of your home.
  • How does this process work?
    Simply book a call-answer a few questions - we'll schedule a meeting/walkthrough of your home and give you multiple o fers on the spot that will allow you to make the most out of your home sale and set up financial well being for your future.
  • Why shouldn’t I file for bankruptcy?
    This is Financial suicide! Your credit will be destroyed for 10+ years and no one in the financial industry will trust you to loan to you. Without the leverage of financing you will be pushing a boulder uphill for 10+ years with the worst of everything, including the neighborhood of your new apartment. Bankruptcy CAN be avoided and SHOULD be avoided at all costs.
  • Why shouldn’t I sell with a licensed real estate agent?
    Too slow, too expensive and a one solution fits all approach. Heres a real estate agents though process: Have my client take out an equity line of credit (less equity = less profits for you and more commission for them) have my client rehab the home and install new lights, granite counter tops and fresh paint inside and out to get top dollar for the home. What they don’t disclose to you is that the higher the sale price on the home the more you pay in agent commission and the more you pay in closing cost and the more you pay in taxes.. Ouch. Think of the first time you got promoted at a job, on paper you made tons more money but NET you probably took home only a little more than your old position used to produce. I’m not saying this is the wrong approach every time I’m saying you need to look at your situation and find a solution that will get you the most out of your home sale. An agent will not give you that as they approach every home sale the same way - one trick ponies
  • What if I have no equity in my house?
    Thats okay we can still buy or work out a deal. You have to understand real estate is cyclical and eventually you will have some equity with time, we can structure that type of deal many many ways giving you fast relief now with profits down the line!
  • What if I owe property taxes?
    We have many ways of handling that too and can still help you! Again this comes down to how you structure the transaction and that is something that separates home acquisitions from every one else out there, we know our stuff!
  • What if my house needs repairs?
    Let us worry bout that. We will buy your house in as-is condition, in fact, the uglier the better!
  • I have 14 days to sell, can you help me?"
    Absolutely! We are backed by cash, backed by private cash and backed by assets. We can close as fast as the title company will process!
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Get a free consultation and multiple offers best suited for your financial future. Do the deal that’s best for you long term, not just short term. Contact us and let's go over the multiple ways we can buy your home.

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Schedule a Call!

Remember, selling your home in san Francisco could go really well or really bad for you. Make sure you are on the better end of the deal by reaching out to us and going over your goals and expectations with your home sale. All it takes is 15-30 min and you will have everything you need to make a sound decision.

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