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Buena Vista Park in San Francisco California

Giving homeowners a second chance

Every day, homeowners in San Francisco find themselves in a financial nightmare—victimized by the system with nowhere to turn. If that’s you, Home Acquisitions is here to throw you a lifeline.
 Contact us right away to learn your options, avoid bankruptcy and discover hope.


At Home Acquisitions, we’re experienced in foreclosure home buying and our team of investors want to help.
We’ll work with you to provide creative solutions that benefit YOU so that you can sell with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best offer for your home.
selling your house without a real estate agent


Storm or Fire Damage
Unfinished Interiors
Bad Tenants
Major Repairs Needed


Family matters
Financial Struggles
Final notice bill


Structural Damage
Bad Tenants
Late Mortgage Payment
Home in Noe Valley San Francisco Ca

If you’re facing
foreclosure, you
have options.

Most industry professionals will tell you that your best bet is to declare bankruptcy when facing foreclosure...our investment experts disagree.


Foreclosure and bankruptcy are lengthy processes that:

Require an attorney

Ruin your credit

Destroy opportunities for future loans and credit


What those same industry professionals DON’T tell you is that there are better options than resorting to financial suicide. 


We want to help you AVOID bankruptcy at all costs and MAXIMIZE profits.


As independent, local investors, we offer creative foreclosure home
buying options that ensure no failed negotiations and set you up for
financial future success.

houses in the Glen Park neighborhood in San Francisco California

Our simple, streamlined process will land you a
guaranteed home sale no matter what:





Speak with a licensed investor over the phone to review your goals, your current situation and all of the possible solutions.


Find a time for a licensed investor to come see your home in person—one-time and as-is!


Receive offers from our team to buy your home for cash or financing and make the best choice for YOU.

Home Acquisitions is here to help.

Our real estate passion fuels our desire to help people out of bad situations. If you need to sell your home but feel like you are running out of options, don’t despair. Home Acquisitions can provide innovative solutions geared to help you.

Letter of default notice California

Behind On Mortgage?

Being a few payments behind can feel like you are drowning, we can set you on the right path to saving your credit.
Back taxes in California

Owe Back Taxes?

Sometimes, the loan terms can be confusing about paying taxes. If the state is threatening to take your home, call us.
Pre-forclosure in California

Pre Foreclosure?

If the state has served you a notice of default they will not give you many options, we will work with you to find a creative solution.
trouble selling a pre-forclosure with a real estate agent

Trouble Selling with a Realtor

Listing with a realtor can leave too many people in the way leading to bad negotiations, with us your home always sells.
what repairs to do on your home before you sell

Extensive Repairs?

Too much deferred maintenance can make it difficult to sell your home. We buy houses as-is and in any condition.
selling your without using a real estate agent

Any Reason?

Whether you owe the bank more than the property is worth or are experiencing structural issues, job loss, medical bills, liquidated assets, inherited property or for any other reason—we can help.

Don’t worry...we’ll take it from here

Contact Home
Acquisitions today!

If you’re ready to sell your foreclosed home in San Francisco, CA, the first step is to call us and learn all of your options. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you, provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you!

A house in the neighborhood of Diamond Hieghts in San Francisco CA


Direct home buying vs. Selling with an agent

Direct comparison between selling your home with a realtor vs. selling directly to Home Acquisitions



Agent gets 3-6% paid by YOU

Escrow Costs


1-2% paid by YOU

Closing Costs


1-2% paid by YOU

Home Prep + Repairs

NOPE - Sell as-is

YES - YOU are financially responsible for fixing up and modernizing home for showings

Number of Showings

ONE and done

As many as it takes until your agent finds a buyer

Appraisals & Inspections


YES - Buyer’s contingencies

Avg. Days until Closing

10 days

60+ days

Finance Contingencies

NOPE - Cash Offer

YES - and 15% of sales fall through

Complicated Paperwork



Guaranteed Sale



home acquisitions story of buying real estate without a real estate agent

Our Story

Here at Home Acquisitions, we are a direct home buyer—NOT brokers and NOT agents. We are a small team of investors who buy, sell and lease real estate all over the country.


Being in real estate for many years—through up cycles
and down—we’ve helped countless people out of bad situations. And, over time, we have amassed a large
network through the banking and real estate community
that we lean on when creating strategic, lucrative
deals that best fit your situation.


We are obsessed with real estate and our passion bleeds through every deal and client we encounter. Book a call
with us to talk more about your home and financial goals.

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