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Are You Looking To Sell Your Home?

Do the right deal that fits your situation. We give you multiples ways to sell your home so that you can maximize profits and get the most from your home sale.

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Is Your Situation More Urgent?

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Behind On Mortgage

A few payments behind can feel like you are drowning, we can set you on the right path to saving your credit.

Trouble Selling with a Realtor

Sometimes listing with a realtor leaves too many people in the way of negotiations, with us your home always sells.

Owe Back Taxes

Sometimes the loan terms can be confusing about paying taxes. If the state is threatening to take your home, call us.

Extensive Repairs

Too much deferred

maintenance can make it difficult to sell your home. We buy houses as is and in any condition.


Pre Foreclosure

If the state served you a notice of default they will not give you many options here, reach out to go over your options.

Any Reason

Structural issues, Owe the bank more than the is worth, Job loss, Medical bills, Liquidating assets, Inherited property Bankruptcy or any other reason

Buying a House

I met Tiffany a year ago through a friend and I’m so glad I did! I was working with a relator who wasn’t producing any results for me. That’s when I came to Home Acquisitions to sell my previous home and for the purchase of my existing home. The entire experience of selling your home can be scary and overwhelming but with the help of Home Acquisitions walking me through every step of the way, they made it as painless as possible and an easy transition into my new beautiful home (which was well below market value) thank you Home Acquisitions!


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Little About Us

Here at Home Acquisitions we are a direct home buyer; we are NOT brokers and we are not agents. We buy properties for ourselves giving us a wide array of tools and strategies to use to create the prefect deal where you can make the most and KEEP the most from your home sale. We’ve been in real estate for many years, through up cycles and down. We have amassed a large network through the banking and real estate community and we lean on that network when creating deals that best fit your situation. Schedule a call with us to talk more about your home and financial goals.

How it works?

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